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6 week Deadlift Program designed to quickly put a large percentage of increase on your tested 1rm top end lift. High Volume. 3-4 days a week. Great leading up to the Tactical Strength Challenge.



This is a 6 week Deadlift Program designed to quickly put a large percentage of increase on your tested 1rm top end lift. Several athletes have used this plan in preparation for the Tactical Strength Challenge.  It has shown gains in 100% of the tested athletes. One particular athlete took a 345# 1rm to 400# in the 6 weeks of work.  It is a pyramid that will ramp up in volume substantially weeks 1, 2, and 3. Peak volume is in week 3. Then the volume will taper down weeks 4, 5 , and 6. The program will guide you right into a PR the last workout of the program. The 4 loads (73%, 85%, 93%, & 97% 1rm) will be consistent throughout the program and the volume will be the variant. It is very high volume, especially in week 3 & 4.  I do not recommend performing any extra volume of heavy hip-hing pulling during this program. Barbell Snatch, Barbell Cleans and HEAVY Swings can hold off. Squatting should be very low volume. Lighter Kettlebell Swings and Snatches can be performed for conditioning and skill building/maintenance. Avoid a top end weighted pull up plan during this time. Bodyweight and relatively lightly loaded pull ups for volume should be ok.

2 reviews for King Kong

  1. lewters

    For the past 2 years, I quietly decided that I wanted to achieve a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift. My goal was to pull this at last Fall’s TSC. About 3 months prior to the event, I had the pleasure of attending a StrongFirst Barbell Course hosted at Crossfit Chattahoochee. I was able to discuss my goal with the lead instructor (Travis Jewett) and Steve. They both graciously offered to help. Only one problem remained. I was going out of the country and wouldn’t be able to properly train till 6-weeks prior to the event. Steve crunched the numbers and worked his PlanStrong magic. The product was an elegant but challenging 6-week deadlift program. I won’t lie. There were long sessions spent with the bar; however, I trusted the program and my coach Steve. Without prompting, he would reach out and see how I was handling the workload every week. Steve gave me encouragement and responded quickly to any questions I may have had. When TSC day came, I was ready. I nailed the goal weight and felt an intense sense of joy/accomplishment. Thank you, Steve! I couldn’t have done it without you coach.
    P.S. That 2.5x bodyweight deadlift was without a belt – PlanStrong works!!
    -David Cho

  2. lewters

    By following the King Kong plan I was able to achieve great results in increasing my deadlift max. Prior to starting the program I was coming off an injury and had not really trained deadlifts for 4 months and felt weak coming into the program, however, by following the King Kong plan it helped me to not only regain strength but helped me regain my confidence in the lift as well. I started the program with an estimated max of 255lbs and after completing the program, was surprised and very happy to be able to meet my pre-injury PR max of 270lbs.
    -Lisa Grellinger

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