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Anyone can do it. Our athletes come from all walks of life – from young athletes to seniors who have never worked out – and everything in between. We teach you everything you need to know!




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    Functional fitness could be right for you if you…

    • Need to lose weight and/or want to look better
    • Get bored easily and do the same routine when you workout
    • Don’t like the atmosphere of the big box gyms and haven’t seen the results you wanted
    • Have tried to lose weight and get in shape before but lost your motivation along the way
    • Are physically fit and want to bring it to the next level
    • Need to maximize your time – you don’t have hours a day to spend working out
    • Appreciate personal attention to make sure you are moving correctly

    About Us

    What is Chattahoochee Strength and Fitness? CSF Is not a conventional gym where you buy a membership and come workout on your own. We have trainer-led classes and a progressive strength and conditioning program. If you come consistently, you should improve all aspects of your physical fitness.

    Location, Location, Location!

    Before you sign up for an Intro class, here are some things you should know:

    This class is intended for people who live or work close to our location who want to train regularly (more than a month or two) to improve their overall fitness.

    Make sure our location is convenient for you. If you can’t get here in under 15 or 20 minutes with traffic you likely will not train with us consistently. Click here to see where Chattahoochee Strength & Fitness is.

    Do we “Fit” with Your Schedule?

    Make sure there is a class time that works with your schedule. Each class is a coached training session that lasts one hour. Please review our schedule here.