We offer two group training program tracks, both of which are included with your gym membership.

Strength Building

Our flagship program is designed to achieve maximum strength gains. Each one-hour session will consist of a warm-up, a Plan Strong™ lifting session, and a conditioning session. This strength & conditioning programming is accessible to anyone interested in getting stronger regardless of your prior experience or skill level. Our coaches will provide modifications to your training session if and as-needed.

Fat Loss

New for 2023 we are also offering a program to specifically assist with fat loss. In these group sessions you will be performing a variety of kettlebell and bodyweight movement complexes while tracking your heart rate to keep within specific intensity zones. This programming is based on the best-in-class Strong Endurance™ training curriculum and promotes sustainable fat-burning combined with the health and performance benefits of resistance training. Because of the technical nature of the kettlebell lifts you will be performing, all members who want to participate in this program should first complete our Kettlebell Foundations course <link to course> to make sure you are training safely and effectively. As with any intentional weight loss effort, you will still need to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices to experience optimal results. Your nutrition, sleep, and mental health will always play the most important roles in your body’s weight regulation. We are not dieticians but can provide general nutrition guidance. If for any reason your nutrition needs are more specific we will refer you to a qualified clinical practitioner, such as a Registered Dietician.

Which Program to Choose

If you attend either program you can expect to improve your strength, balance, coordination, power, mobility, and endurance. Both programs consist of hour-long sessions and are held during our regular group training times Monday through Friday. If you are unsure of which program is best for you, we are happy to discuss this with you based on your goals and priorities.