Allen Hill

Athlete of the Month

September 2016

Allen was chosen as member of the month for September for several reasons. Most of all his positive attitude and easy-going personality makes people around him feel comfortable and welcome. He always has positive things to say about people and training. No matter how much he struggles with his weaknesses (we all have the, CrossFit reveals them) he continues to work on them striving for those small victories like a first double-under or simply not pulling early on a Clean.

He doesn’t always Rx the WODs but does when it’s right for the improvement of his fitness. The 9am class is small some days and sometimes Allen will do the fitness version of the class instead of performance to help his classmates feel more camaraderie by having someone to train with.

He’s just the kind of guy you want to be around. He is truly the brick in the foundation of our community and we are glad he is here.

 Allen Hill, 44, Owner Uni-Temp Refrigeration which is an Industrial Refrigeration Contracting Firm
Honestly, I had no idea what CrossFit was.  I passed the gym every day on the way to work and on the way home.  I decided I wanted to get back in shape and stopped in one morning thinking it was just a gym.
I do it now because I really enjoy it.  I like how it pushes you every day and how each day’s workout is different.  The best part to me is the blend of being a class with other people working as hard as you, and the weightlifting so you don’t feel like you are just in a glamorized aerobics class.  I have come to understand how Crossfit is a sport to itself and the athletes who participate in that are truly that: athletes.
It was bad. I remember thinking that I was going to throw up in the chalk bucket.  But when I was done it was this real sense of accomplishment.  I remember telling myself that “it can’t get worse than that.”  Of course that was a lie, but ignorance is bliss sometimes.
The best part is the comradery with the other athletes.  There is never a sense that it is a competition with anyone but yourself.  And everyone in the class and at the gym wants you to win that competition.
My proudest moment would be completing “Angie.”  I did not think that I would be able to do 100 pullups!  As a matter of fact I was SURE I couldn’t do the pullups.  But Steven told me to break it into 20 sets of 5 and just keep going. I did!
Favorite movement – Handstand push-ups – not that I’m good at them, but it is pretty cool to be able to do them.
Favorite Lift – Back squats or deadlift
Least Favorite movement – BURPEES! They are the DEVIL!!!
Least Favorite Lift – Snatch
“Barbara” was pretty cool but “Jackie” was terrible!
My initial goal was to drop some weight and get back into decent shape.  I have dropped about 20 lbs. As for getting into decent shape, that scale seems to be moving.  Certainly better, but not where I ultimately would like to get.
I want to keep getting stronger and more proficient with the movements.  I started in January so I did not have enough experience to participate on a team in the CrossFit Games Open last year.  My goal is to be able to contribute to a team by the time the Open comes around next year.
CrossFit really has given me a discipline to my life that I was missing; even though I did not really recognize that I was missing it!
I like the routine of coming to class, being more mindful of my diet, and enjoying the results of the hard work that you put into it.
I have a wonderful family.  My daughter, Ansley, is 13 and is a cheerleader.  My son, Judson, is 10 and plays lacrosse and football. He is also in Cub Scouts.  I coach his lacrosse team in the spring.  My wife, Christy, and the family love to spend time at the beach whenever we can get away.
I enjoy playing golf and tennis, but both need a lot of work too.
I think the discipline and the routine have helped me organize my life at work and at home.
First, everyone thinks you have to be in shape to even begin CrossFit.  That is not the case.  I would certainly encourage them to jump right in.
Don’t worry about results or numbers or anything like that.  You are only there to get better than the day before.
Get to know the other people in the class and the gym.  It is a great group of positive people that can only help you.  And when you make improvements/progress everyone at the gym is proud for you.
I would just like to thank everyone at CFC for making me feel so welcome.  Since January I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and look forward to being there for new members as they discover CrossFit.
Also, I would like to thank all of the Coaches who help us all every day.  Without them CFC would just be a building and I doubt many of us would look forward to being there every day like we do.
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