Isidro Juarez

Athlete of the Month

March 2017

Isidro was chosen as the March Athlete of the Month.  In the 18 months he has been a part of the CFC Family, he has been a consistent and positive member of the community.  He shows up ready to work and is always looking to improve.

Isidro Juarez – Athlete of the Month – March ’17
Isidro 1

I’m Isidro Juarez .  I am 36  and am the general manager of my own business.

I played soccer and I wanted to use CrossFit as a way to gain strength and power. I do CrossFit now because I got to  like it more and now it’s just a part of my life.

I believed CrossFit wasn’t for me.


I enjoy doing the WODs the most.

My proudest moment would be learning to efficiently perform power cleans.

My favorite moment would be pull ups and my least favorite is the snatch.

My favorite WOD is OC Throwdown , and least favorite is Mary.

My goal is to be in a good physical shape. I think i would need 35% more to be satisfied.

Inside the gym, I forget about my problems and it relieves stress for me. Outside the gym, I feel healthier and strong.


Spending time working on and fixing my trucks.

Pushing me to be more productive throughout my day.

To always make time for at least an hour in CrossFit. I’ve tried other sports and the most I’ve liked is CrossFit.

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