To qualify to attend Chattahoochee Strength & Fitness classes, you must complete and graduate from a foundations course. The foundations course is a series of 7 one on one personal training sessions to teach the 21-25 foundational movements of functional fitness. Most are barbell movements (Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting) but also there are Kettlebell movements, Gymnastics/bodyweight movements, as well as jumping rope, running rowing and biking. We teach you, the member, about your body, your mobility issues, (everyone has some) how to load a barbell, how to increase weight safely, how much is too much weight, how much is to little of weight and why, how to follow a class, how to understand and follow the workouts, and the types of stimulus you will be encountering during your training. This course drastically reduces chances of injury, increases confidence and increases speed of results. Each foundations class is $50 for the one hour session. This is to pay your trainer for their time. 7 sessions is the minimum, but some athletes/members need additional classes to achieve the standard of movement required to attend classes. This is because not everyone learns at the same pace and some people have a harder time with accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility. Strength and fitness level has nothing to do with graduation from foundations because that is gained once attending classes. But the athletes/members must show full knowledge of the foundational movements in order to graduate to group classes.

Once foundations is completed, the full price gym membership is $175/month per person for unlimited classes per week and $150/month per person for 3 classes a week or 12 sessions a month if they travel. We have 15% discount options for Police, Firefighters, Militarily, Teachers, Public Service Professionals and some approved corporate discounts. We do not have contracts. Membership is month to month.

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