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The hardest part of CrossFit is just walking through the door for the first time!


You want to make a change, you want to look better and feel better and just BE better! But sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part. It can be intimidating when you walk into a new place full of new people that look like they all know what they are doing. Learning new things and doing something completely different is not something many adults are completely comfortable with!

You also may think you know what CrossFit is and have some common misconceptions. We hear these all the time:

  • “I have to be in shape first!”
  • “I’ll get too bulky”
  • “I can’t do CrossFit because I am ____” (fill in the blank: old, have an injury, etc.)
  • “I heard CrossFit hurts people.”

Our experienced and friendly coaches can help educate you on:

  • How CrossFit is HOW you get in shape.
  • Women who train with us don’t get bulky! Look around when you get here!
  • Anyone can do CrossFit.
  • We have athletes that have been training with us for years! Inactivity is more dangerous than what we do.

We teach you everything you need to know and we love working with beginners who have little to no experience in CrossFit!

Take that first step today – schedule your FREE Introduction class now!




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