Warm-up & Mobility: 15 Minutes

Skill: 10 Min skill work on catching a barbell in the rack position from overhead. Work on using the legs to absorb the shock.

Strength: “Breakthru Barbell Complex”

Perform 7 rounds of this un-timed barbell complex, increasing in weight each rounds and resting as much as you want between rounds.

Within each round – once you pick up the barbell try your best not to put it down until all movements are completed:
• 3 Deadifts
• 3 Hang Cleans
• 3 Front Squats
• 3 Jerks

Your last round should be a maximal work set. If you miss a lift or need to put the barbell down during any round, perform 15 burpees immediately. Your score is the weight on the barbell that you complete on your last round.

PLEASE know that if you are truly getting into a maximal work effort, you will hit failure and will do burpees – they are part of this workout and are not to be avoided. DO NOT FEAR THE BURPEE!!!

We last did this WOD on Friday, April 4, 2014.