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Warm-up & Mobility: 15 Minutes

Part 1 – Skill/Strength: 15 minutes
Fitness: Strict Press and/or Push Press work up to a heavy-ish set of 3
Performance: Push-Jerk or Split Jerk – work up to a heavy double (2)

Part 2 – Conditioning: “Catalyst” 17 minutes total time

5 Min AMRAP – Start with 3 reps and add 3 reps every round of –

  • Ground to OH
  • TTB

–Rest 3 minutes–

4 minute AMRAP (same movements, same rep scheme)

–Rest 2 minutes–

3 minute AMRAP (same movements, same reps scheme)

Fitness: The weight on the barbell should move well with fairly unbroken reps, reduce weight for 4 & 3 minute AMRAPs if needed. If you don’t have TTB (or they leave), perform toes through rings, knee-ups or sit-ups (double the amount of TTB). Newer athletes should perform Hang Power Clean and Push-Press as needed.

Performance: For 5 minute AMRAP use: 135/95lb, 4 minute: 125/85lb, 3 minute: 115/75lb – athletes may choose to Snatch or Clean and Jerk.