12 weeks to get strong AF and look like it too.



This is the most elite program I am currently offering. 12 weeks of 6 training days a week, however, except for Mondays, the sessions should be one hour or less. The plan will not only increase your top end strength on Squat, Deadlift, Bench and Pull Up, but make you look like it too. The Squat Plan is a Plan Strong 50 for strength with hypertrophy.  The Deadlift Plan is a Plan Strong 70 for top end strength. The Bench plan, “Big Bench, Big Pecs and Big Paychecks,” is an already developed and tested plan designed by Dr. Travis Jewett, founder of Clinical Strength and associated with Strong First and Mobility WOD. $30 from each plan sold will be paid as royalty to Dr. Jewett for the bench portion. The Pull Up plan is the Fighter Pull Up plan, author unknown but very effective.  The conditioning is anti-glycolytic and is programmed twice a week.  This follows philosophies from Strong First’s Strong Endurance.  Regardless of experience level or level of strength and conditioning of the athlete, I highly recommend performing my 6 week prep plan titled, “The Intern” prior to beginning Cockdiesel. This will prepare you for the volume to come and develop some hypertrophy to handle the strength gains.


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