The Hulk

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Squat, Deadlift, and Push. 12 weeks, 3 times a week. Strength with Hypertrophy. High volume.



This is a 12 week, 3 day per week Squat, Deadlift and Press Strength Program with Hypertrophy. You will add to your one rep max lifts as well as gain some increase in the diameter of your muscle fibers. This is a high volume program. To start this program, you will need to be completely healthy and injury free. You will also need to be proficient in the performing the lifts prescribed in the program. If you have never been properly coached in Squatting, Pulling and Pushing, I recommend getting that type of training before beginning this program.

The Squat is twice a week programmed on Monday and Friday. The Deadlift is once a week programmed on Wednesday, and the Press is 3 times a week programmed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For the most hypertrophic adaptation, you should keep this format. However, if  you would like to focus on more overall strength and less hypertrophy, you can switch the Squat and Deadlift around and train the Deadlift twice a week and maintain the Squat once a week. Simply plug your 1rm into the provided percentages. No other adjustments will need to be made.

The Press needs to stay 3 times a week. However, the Press can be a Barbell Press, Kettlebell Military Press (Single Arm or Double Arm), Dumbbell Press (Single Arm or Double Arm), or a Bench Press. Again, simply plug your tested 1rm into the percentages provided.

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  1. lewters

    Steven’s program was exactly what I was looking for. Coming from CrossFit, I was obviously looking for something that would allow me to gain strength. Steven was able to tailor a program to fit my needs based on the equipment that I had access to. I was able to PR my deadlift after a year being stuck at the same PR weight. I was also able to match my back squat PR after not training it for almost a year. I’d recommend Steven’s program to anyone!

    -D.J. Oliver

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